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Creating Vector Graphics With Inkscape For Video G

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Are you an aspiring illustrator or an artist or you are inquisitive about how
cartoons or video game assets (Game Background, Characters etc) are created, may be you are a Photoshop/Adobe Illustrator user but are looking at the option to explore other easier to use tools for creating and manipulating images and graphics then this book CREATING VECTOR GRAPHICS WITH INKSCAPE for video games is for you.


This book demonstrated and illustrated by Ikechukwu Okeke, will guide you on how to create game assets for Inkscape. You may ask, why Inkscape? Inkscape is a FREE 2d vector graphics application that can be used to create 2d arts of all types.
As a vector graphics application, drawings or works of art can be resized without it losing it\\\'s resolution unlike raster applications like Photoshop or Gimp.


This is a step by step ebook to take you on the journey of downloading and installing Inkscape in Chapter 1
Chapter 2 explores the Inkscape\\\'s User Interface. Here the toolbars, Menu bars etc. are all explored here.
Chapter 3 demonstrates creating objects in Inkscape. This is a Pre-lude to the main section on the book\\\'s project (creating game assets). The tools, commands and Inkscape items are explained to get an overview of them as they form a crucial part for the creation of game assets demonstrated in the next two chapters
Chapters 4 and 5 are a hands step by step  Inkscape tutorial which will guide the user in creating 4 different game assets
Chapter 6 illustrates the various export options available after you are done with your project. Consequently, the user will be able to know the best export optionto employ if using in a game engine or just saving on the desktop or smartphone to show to friends and relatives.
Chapter 7 explains other products created by Iyke2d.
This is the first edition of the book and will be in series.
Thank you.

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